Choreographing a dancing life from lying down 80% of my living reality. This is the facts leading into the summer of my existence, and its not a neutral state of flux; its pretty much a joyful state and then sometimes a very dark place. I´d say 80/20 to that fact as well. But there is also a measurement to be done in terms of efficiency, when it comes to results on paper: as in actual dances, events, writing etc it looks to be a little 40/60 sometimes less and sometimes more. I cant force it, but the resting is the most efficient means to gain results as suppose to any other doing. It seems as if being disciplined leads me to less efficiency so the task at hand is to be disciplined in not being disciplined.

Having said all that I am currently looking for a long term creative producer that is serious about making experimental dance making available to everyone. Could this be you? My aim is to make my art more available to everyone and I want an equal creative producer for long time collaboration. Dont hesitate to get in touch!


Achieving processes


Doing and writing, academia and practice, being and thinking. They seem to come in duos, but can they be united in one heart, one being, one act, one dance? I write dancing and I lift myself up to a higher standard through developing awareness within and without. From thinking to doing, doing the thinking and here lies achievement of value. The kind of achievement that is worth anyones while, not how its seen by external sources. To live with true integrity, authenticity and joy in the heart is what makes life worth living. And when do this become achievement in and of itself? When its visible for other to see? When its blissfully latent in your heart? Maybe the two can meet.

Join me for a 30 minute workshop on zoom in physical improvisation. I take you through some tools for physical moving in stream of conciousness and encourage you to willingly give yourself (and others) positive feedback whilst doing so. Follow link for more info: Workshop

If I could choose

If you like to have a one on one session in movement improvisation via zoom please get in touch via this link: One on one physical improvisation on zoom 

The session is only giving you positive feedback and is grounded in the physicality of the body as an initiator for the improvisation. Get in touch if you have any questions. I truly enjoy working one on one this way and it is a good substitute for not being able to meet in person.

“If I could choose I would be working, I would be dancing, I would be singing, I would be travelling and I would be visiting every friend I havent seen since I can remember.”

“If  I could choose I would be making love, eating chocolate and drinking a beer. If I could choose I would be pursuing the possibility of doing a phd in choreography. If I could choose I would promote and perform earlier and future works. If I could choose I would  invite people for dinner, parties and a good chat whenever. I would be talking to friends on the phone every other day and getting a good laugh. I would buy new clothes, I would se a play, a dance performance, a concert and I would do and give workshops here and around the world. If I could choose.”

I cant choose, so I find my happiness within what is. And sometimes its hard to accept. But most of the time I am happy. Get in touch for one on one lessons or questions if you like!


FA496A37-407D-4BF0-9806-95EDBD133EA1Long lasting, long-distance course, opposite of acute and quickly passing. Patience: get yourself ready for the long haul, the strength building of the inner realm. Beware of fundamental dark thoughts that might linger, the seething anger in response to anyone not understanding, and feelings of not worthy ness of any kind as lingering lasts. In the animal world the sick are more often led to fend for themselves, the survival of the fittest kind of world, in my chronic life there is a sense that this also is more or less the truth.

Chronic-like; an extension of passion, intensity, obsession, too much focus, to many experiences, a reaction to strong traumatic impressions over a longer period of time.

In contrast also possibly chronic on a lighter scale of a chronic barometer if obsessed: everything light, easygoing, flowing, playful, smiling, laughing, jumping and diplomatic conversation.

Not a one thing cannot be positive. Not a one thing cannot be negative. The middle way is the only way to make value out of whatever chronic might be. Let the endless chronic pondering become creative thoughts to share. Choose a lane and stick with it until the chronic finds its value creating way. Be alive with what is there, has been and is to come. Be present, chronically present, and the body will lend itself to discoveries of new moments.

Chronically insecure, chronic back pain, chronically judgmentalism towards oneself and also others. Or the opposite. Chronic sick and chronic feelings, chronic traumas, chronic nightmares, chronic endurance and chronically poor in valuta or spirit. Or the opposite.

Chronic in a bad state for a very long time and a disease constantly recurring. Having no data to back up the state of days or days to come, having no cure that secure a chronic free future. Endlessly long chronic hope for better days. The prose goes on with no stop.  And I still choose to be chronically happy with my chronically ill life as it is.

If you wish to support research for a cure for ME/CFS I recommend: Open Medicine Foundation

Embodying empathy=dancing



I had the wonderful opportunity to be part of a podcast with Pål Bergman and if you follow this link you can get to hear beautiful music and listen to our sharing of love for the potential in dance and what dance can be: Music from the world

Rational descriptions of dance, the way that words sometimes narrow what they describe, do not always benefit the expansive and abstract language of movement.

If you click yourself into the sentences above you can read a long beautiful article in depth by Juliette Mapp.

I find that words can steel the thunder of dancing, and the wonder of life that it offers.  Has the body an ability to communicate exactly what we need? It might require listening and focusing on a deeper level than what most people are used to, and it might be worth our while.

Words with no body

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The quality of our lives ultimately depends upon our state of mind. As Milton famously wrote, “The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a Heav’n of Hell, a Hell of Heav’n.”

Daisaku Ikeda

I do an improvised dance in a hidden backyard I discovered after 2 years living in this street. It is literally 1 minute away from where I live, hidden away from most people. I dance to feel my being beyond words and cognitive force. I attempt to allow the following:

To free associate is to surrender oneself to trains of thoughts, without monitoring them for importance, relevance , or whether they are nonsense or disagreeable .

There are sounds from the open window from a toilet, the smell of soap gives a nauseas impulse that makes me open my mouth without making any sound. There is a plane passing by in the air that rumbles, and the birds are sending signals of different vocal qualities that varies in length and intensity.  Their sounds gives input to the dynamics of how I move. There are different patterns of shadows along the brick-walls surrounding me, and the trees are starting to get sprouts of flowers blooming. The contrasts of shadows and buds, the dark and the blooming, feeds the contrast in movement work that goes from light flow to force-full and staccato in dynamics. My husband is sitting on a bench a few meters distance. My little heaven of dance has to abruptly stop, as my body is sending the message of heavy fatigue, meaning I have already gone to far, the ME/CFS never allows for “heavy lifting”, muscular efforts or activities requiring any kind of stamina over time. Yet I feel uplifted, because I danced, and reflections and presence are being accessed as follows. Dance, dance, dance @dansensdager

Play, pleasure and heavy

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“Happiness in life is not determined by marriage. The secret to happiness lies in building a strong inner self, a self that no trial or hardship can diminish.” Daisaku Ikeda

How many times can one fail in love? As many times as one opens up to fall in love is my answer. I look at these pictures taken by Hilde Foss during No Fringe Bergen last year and I am reminded of the sorrow that lead to a series of creative projects about love that never seemed to stick. And the beautiful thing is that the moment I started to work on myself in regards to surrendering into accepting who I was, and be proud of my story; love came to me in forms that I never would have expected. It was an inside job to love and be loved. And the love projects doesn´t stop there: I am currently writing a book about it in my 3rd year at the Writers Studio .  I find that to not fail in love is an inside job with myself every day. Fortunately I have a life partner  that is willing and committing to this process of togetherness for life. As this process expands in the truest meaning of love “the love” grows further into friends, extensive family, community and life becomes a dance. Metaphorically and physically.  (The pictures above are from the work: “Marilyn Monroe´s last 20 minutes before committing suicide”.)

My Dancing Street Art

«When things are painful and hard to bear remind yourself that; this is precisely why I need to stand up and take action» this is a quote by my chosen Buddhist mentor in life:  Daisaku Ikeda.

I am recovering from a slipped disc in my lower back that forced me out of quarantine, and into small walks around my neighborhood. Sometimes with my husband 2 meter apart, whilst doing small improvised dances responding to: street art, buildings, weather, atmosphere between myself and him, myself with myself and whatever and whomever crosses my path. A slipped disc requires activity, and severe ME requires rest. The 2 conflicting conditions have given me challenges that has made me feel despair and pain, before accepting and deciding to stand up and create value of life as it is. The back is a reaction to not being able to do my hot yoga at the lovely Yogahuset Fana

Dancing Photography Street Art Nature

Photo: @per.rutledal Dancer: @kristine.nilsen.oma

New projects are emerging slowly, but surely as a consequence of this new world, and I trust the process. I find myself not wanting to have a deadline, perhaps a response in itself to the time we are living in and the uncertainty of whats next. Just being, trusting the moment and allowing the creativity to come through. Walking and dancing in the tempo that my back and ME allows. I am discovering my environment through dance and photography, and it gives me a whole new perspective, makes me curios and gives impulses I wish to dwell on for some time, before mapping out clarity about the actual art project I am doing with walks in my neighborhood. There is so much to discover!

Corona, Quaratine & Happiness

3A1CCD0B-6DDA-4854-8A89-0BFBDEBED3E8After 3 weeks and 2 days in quarantine by myself I have found I am more happy since I can remember. I have to ask myself how come this is even a possibility? I have great concern for family, friends and a society in crises modus. Is it not a provocation to even talk about happiness in a time where Corona is rampant and killing lives? I just find myself at the best of times when I get to use my creative abilities in the middle of a crises. It inspires me to move differently, to create differently and to “be” differently.

There is something fresh about having to do things in ways that has never been done before, because if you always do what you always did you always get what you always got.

Photographer Anja Wroldsen @okfotokurs @folkeakademietbergensentrum

“Karantena” is a character that has a lot to say, and she says it the way she sees it. There is an undertone of sarcasm, and there is a joy for the abstract and the voice is an important extension of her. She has the ability to make seeming misfortune into gold, but has perhaps a very aggressive and ignorant approach to life.  Do you want to be a test audience through livestreams in secret Facebook groups in the development of this work? Send us a message and we see what we can do about it via: Folkeakademiet Bergen Sentrum


Living Room Dance

From my living room in the centre of Bergen, Norway I will live-stream a 5 minute solo through the platform Friday the 27th of March 7pm sharp  Virus&Valsen .

I will improvise a short dance from my living room: in the hope that it relates to your reality as it is. This character is the quarantined Karantena, and she is a little stir crazy, or maybe just injured from too much isolation?

It is 5 minutes of improvised dance, talk and play with anyone who likes to tune in. She only speaks Norwegian in this short solo.

Just remember you are not alone, stay safe and we WILL get through this Corona crises. If you like to support the artist VIPPS 10584 to refugees  “Dråpen i havet” an organization that works with refugee camps in Greece.


Photographer: Eva Håvik @stubborly_stepping at @ok.fotokurs