Vitality versus energy/Improvisations workshops 2019

My Resting Exile of 2018 has taught me the distinction between vitality and energy. Its a life affirming distinction I am grateful to discover. All my work is up in the air, as I am writing a book slowly but surely. I have been sneaking in some dance improvisation in my living room with my friend and wonderful colleague Marita Moe Sandven, and my dancing heart is aching to do more of it. I now dare to dream of giving 3 workshops in 2019, given that there is interest. Send me a message via email: or Facebook, and I will design the workshops around our discussions. Each workshop will be limited to no more than 6 participants, allowing us to work in-depth .

Physical Improvisation Practice 2019

Foto: jorunn ingvarda rødseth pedersen

Vitality, too me, is a quest for life and all that life entails. The art of living with joy within the world as it is, not some other place, other time or other situation, but just as life is. To see that life is perfect just the way it is. In my case, I live with an illness science struggles to understand, and my condition is more severe than ever. The illness keeps me bedridden 20 hours a day, yet it has forced me to find my true vitality. I truly grateful for what little I am able to do. What do I like about the situation I am in? How do I create art, dance, value and strength from this particular life circumstance? I have discovered that my pain is my greatest gift, my suicidal tendencies are my wonderful daily reminders of the importance of  focus, and my struggles are what allows people relate to who I truly am. What a paradox; a debilitating illness that has robbed me of my livelihood, and at the same time has provided wisdom I would never wish to be without! How wonderful life is.

Lets meet dancing!